Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer 2010

Annie is showing me how to update this blog, so I can do this myself!!
So much to tell, I guess we will stick with our summer fun.

We began by going to Zion's National Park and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon over Memorial Day Weekend. There was no room left in the Inn(Inside Zions) so we camped in a RV Park in Mt. Carmel. RV parks is NOT camping, so that was torture for us. But we had fun anyway. The tent trailer had two blow outs on the way down. It was so nice having Devin with us. We spent one day in Zions and another at the North Rim. Beautiful!!

The gang at the Grand Canyon
Devin always climbs everything
Dad found an interesting place for a nap

Two weeks later Erin and I were off to Girls camp. This was Erin's last year- I'm guessing mine also! We got to go to the new Heber Valley Camp- so much nicer than good ol' Shalom. I had been asked to be over the girls camp certification. Much easier than being over the food as in years past. In fact most of the meals were prepared by the stake. So nice. Thursday was Hike day. Erin ended up hiking for over 4 1/2 hours. The group she was helping with got lost because of group getting separated and poorly marked trails. It was a little scary for mom. Dad arrived that afternoon with the Bishopric and joined us for the evening. He helped the bishops of the Stake with "Virtuous" It was a hit with the girls.
The next morning we packed up and Dave drove the trailer for the ward home to find Annie and Koda waiting for us!
I was the champ of the rock-paper-scissors tournament. I had never played before either!

Two weeks later we took off for Yellowstone. Dave, Annie, Erin, Koda and I were off on Sat. July 3rd. We spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday exploring and bear hunting. It was beautiful and pleasantly cool. We saw lots of buffalo and of course Bears- Seven to be exact! Can you tell I love to see bears?
We bought a season pass to the National Parks in October when we went to Bryce with my parents- so it has been our goal to get good use from the pass! We discovered that Erin was 9 months old when we had gone to the Grand Canyon and it had been 10 years since we had been to Yellowstone. So the girls really didn't remember much. I hope we don't wait 10 years to see Yellowstone again!
This is the Mama grizzly; you can't tell in the picture but she had two cubs with herThis is the first bear that we saw
Lots and lots of buffalo

We arrived home Wed. night from Yellowstone to 90 degree's plus. We did some laundry, and slept in our beds for one night. Thursday morning we were off to Our Wards Youth Conference. Because Dave would be going, I was asked to go and serve as "Grill Sergeant." Pam McGuire and myself could not have done it without our husbands!! Thank You Dave!!!! This also was Erin's last Youth Conference and my First. It was a military boot camp theme--"Fight For the Right". It was very well planned and everyone had a great time. Sat. afternoon we packed up and came home. Of course the trailer had another blow out. It is becoming almost a common occurrence these days! It has been so nice to be home and Sleep in our beds.
Dad performs for everyone in a leader skit

We did get everyone together for Sunday dinner(except Brandon and Diana of course) to celebrate Nikki's, Grandma Horne's and Fathers Day. We had a great time and dad loved his gift that Nikki worked long and hard to help mom with.

Brandon and Diana are in Cali for the summer for his internship with Disney. Nikki and Jeff have moved to Salt Lake where she has started working full time as an RN at Valley Mental Health and Jeff is gone for his 6 week training for his job with Goldman Sacs. They are building a home in Woods-cross.

On July 28 Devin and Toni got engaged!
Big Day: September 24. Welcome to the family Toni!

This summer has been full of activity. I'm sure more fun is to come.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My baby is 16!!

My youngest child turned 16 on Wednesday, Oct. 15!! I can't believe that she is so old. It didn't really hit me that she was turning 16 until she mentioned that she is going to be a Laurel. I can't believe that she is getting so big!! But everyone has to grow up!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Koda Got a Hair Cut

After months of waiting, and going camping, and getting really, really dirty, Koda went to the groomers.

Dave got a call from the Doggie Stylist who asked how short we wanted Koda's hair cut. Dave said short. So this is the result.

Koda is out with us while we were cleaning the card.

Koda loves to sit outdoors with us. He's just like another little boy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

A tribute to my adorable husband and puppy!

Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband who is in Spain and is not here to celebrate this special day with us. I love you!

Here are some pictures of my adorable puppy...
Koda driving the car
Isn't he cute?!
He's learning my new language...Yawneez!
Koda is trying to catch a Nabi!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tagged: 6 Unimportant Things

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1. I love to clean, especially closets and cars; there is no way I can drive a dirty car.

2. This is my fifth year at Girls Camp.

3. I am a perfectionist; always have been, always will be.

4. I have the cutest puppy in the world. (in my opinion)

5. I love going to the parade of homes.

6. I am obsessed with listening to CMT.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Latest Happenings in Our Family

Koda, a cute little shih tzu joined our family at Christmas. He is just the cutest thing and always wants me. My poor puppy broke his leg and then a week later he got neutered. He has been in a cast for his leg and has had to wear a cone on his head to prevent him from licking his stitches. It is just like having a new born baby in the house, you have to watch him closely. Here are some pictures of my adorable ball of fur.

On Sunday we decided to celebrate the April birthdays in our family. Happy Birthday Annie, Brandon, and Jeffery! Here are some pictures from dinner/dessert.
Brandon and Diana
Annie and Jeffery
Erin got her braces off!
Jon, Cristina, Austin, and Baby will be moving back to Texas. We will miss them so much, they are such a big part of our lives.
Austin loves his fish, shark, and of course Nikki.
Devin and Jon decided to play cards...with gummie bears.
Love Birds!